Executive Online Retail Ltd trading as are committed to our customers privacy and we adhere to the European Union General Data Protection Regulations (EU GDRP)

  • We will only ever use your data for the purposes of processing your order and, if you have consented, with marketing relevant to you
  • We do not sell your data or pass it on to other companies
  • Some of your data is processed with 3rd party software such as accounting software and Mailchimp. These are totally secure and we only deal with companies who adhere to the same GDPR laws as us.



You can opt out of any marketing by contacting us via our Contact Us page. Alternatively, on every marketing email you receive, there are 'Unsubscribe' links which allow you to do this automatically.

As per your rights, you can request the following:

  • Opt out of all marketing
  • Request all of the data we hold on you to be deleted (The Right To Be Forgotten)
  • If there is an error with your data, you can request for us to correct it
  • You can request any and all data we have about you in writing