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Classy and professional-looking, our glass trophy range is suitable for sporting events and competitions but are especially effective for business/corporate award ceremonies. We even have jade glass plaques and glass paperweights which make great office accessories.

All of our glass trophies are engraved in-house at our Gateshead warehouse, we check all of our products and engraving to ensure you receive products of the best quality. Available in different styles, colours and sizes there is something for all occasions in our collection of glass and crystal awards. Whether you're on a budget or looking to spend a bit more, our varying range means there is something on offer for everyone.

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Choosing a Glass Award - Crystal, Jade or Clear?

You may be wondering why there are so many types of glass awards and how on earth do I choose the right one. Let's start with why so many options. Our glass awards are made from either Crystal, Jade or Clear Glass. These vary in things like durability, clarity and price. Our aim is to give the customer the best range of award design options and price points so that whether you need a one off premium crystal award or a bulk order of a number of cheaper awards, we have something for you. Here are the most important things to consider when choosing an award.

  • Apperance is Important

The trophy awards you choose for your next event mirror your brand and company identity. Therefore, it's crucial that your awards have the correct appearance and align with the brand ethos. In the end, you are bestowing these awards to commemorate accomplishments and achivements.

Each glass award we provide is finely crafted and every engraved trophy is personalised to the highest standard. Some of our premium crystal awards are a substantial weight too, contributing to that essential sense of prestige.

Most of our premium engraved glass awards also come with a silk lined presentation box for the ultimate in luxury.

  • Keep your Budget in Mind

Here at North East Trophies we know that budget can be a crucial factor which choosing your company trophies and awards. Especially in the current economic climate. We have a huge selection of engraved glass and crystal awards that come in all shapes, sizes and price brackets.

We know how much of an impact our premium crystal glass awards can have on the motivation of employees so if the company budget can extend to something like this then great, it is a reflection of the brand at the end of the day and
really is money well spent.

We also understand that sometimes there are financial constraints that simply cannot be moved so we’re sure we can create something beautiful with the addition of top quality engraved logos and well thought out designs on our still quality budget glass awards.  

We are confident we can transform any glass award into a piece to be envied!

  • When the Awards are Required?

Lead-time is an important factor when choosing your engraved trophies and awards. Some completely bespoke trophies can take 5-6 weeks to be manufactured. The good news is 99% of our engraved glass awards can be personalised and delivered within the week, even next day in some cases.

We understand the importance of meeting deadlines and you can Trust in North East Trophies to always deliver your company awards on or ahead of time. It’s just what we do! We engrave and despatch everything in-house so this allows us to meet even the tightest of timescales.

Crystal is the most premium material for an award. It has superb clarity and density, owing to its additional chemical additives. This means while it beautifully refracts the light to create a dazzling effect, it is also heavier than normal glass and so has a more premium feel. Obviously these awards are slightly more expensive, and so they are well suited to one off gifts for employees who deserve alot of recognition for all they have done.

Jade glass and clear glass are a perfect fit when you require something slightly cheaper for example if you are buying a lot of awards for a lot of people or if your budget just doesn't stretch to a crystal award. Jade glass has an iron oxide additive which gives the glass that subtle hue while also increasing durablity and scatch-resistance, making it perfect for an award that will be handled frequently.

If you still need some help to choose, feel free to contact us and we'll be happy to help. We also offer a free engraving setup service so even if you don't have a design layout, we will come up with a design that works for you. You can edit this a much as you need to via email before we go ahead with engraving.

If you would like a more in depth look into what goes into our different glass awards, check out our blog post all about Glass Awards here

As to the question, 'how do I choose the right award?', all we can say is, we have hand-picked our glass awards personally using our extensive engraving experience, so every glass award in our collection makes the perfect corporate award, no matter what the purpose, whether it is an employee leaving gift, appreciation award, a corporate sponsor award, or any other type of award you require. So trust your instinct and choose an award within your budget, confident that we will make sure your engraving design is perfect.

A significant aspect to think about is who will be receiving the award. This is especially appropriate if you are acknowledging a small group of individuals who have made distinct contributions. What sort of personality does that person possess? Will they value an extravagant and stylish award, or would they lean towards something more understated? If the former, then a premium engraved Crystal glass award would be suitable. Alternatively, if your recipient places less importance on display and more on the environment, they might prefer an eco-friendly bamboo wood award. This too would be the same if the company providing the award had an environmentally friendly ethos or the award for recognizing achievements in sustainability.