Quaich Bowls

Traditionally used for whiskey or brandy a Quiach bowl is a Scottish bowl used for drinking. A Quaich Bowl would make a great award for any sporting, academic, or career achievement.  At North East Trophies we can also engrave your wording onto your Quiach Bowl to create a well thought out gift.

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    Our Quiach Bowl FAQ's

    "Quaich" is a Scottish rendition of the Gaelic word "cuach," signifying a cup. The two-handed configuration of this drinking container embodies trust from both the giver and the recipient. Quaichs were primarily employed to hold whisky and brandy, while larger quaichs served as vessels for consuming ale.

    One of the earliest references we have to the Quaich dates back to 1589 when Anne of Denmark is said to have received one from King James VI of Scotland as a wedding present. This gift is also believed to be the origins of the quaich sometimes being referred to as the ‘loving cup’.

    It is also said that in 1745 when Bonnie Price Charlie marched on Derby he owned a Quaich but he preferred one with a glass bottom so he could always keep watch on the company he kept whilst he had a drink.

    Over the years, the Quaich has also transformed into a toasting cup, giving rise to yet another moniker, the "Cup of Friendship." It has served as a common toasting vessel for commemorating visitors, weddings, christenings, family and friends, or simply for sharing a dram of exquisite Scottish whisky.

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