Presentation Salvers and Silver Tray Trophies

Special occasion, event or competition, our salvers can be a great centre presentation piece.Take a look at our collection of Silver Salvers and Salver Trophies, blending timeless elegance with customisation.

These versatile pieces can serve as functional trays and cherished awards, ideal for commemorating special moments. With various designs and price brackets, there's something for every occasion and budget.

Elevate your salver with our expert engraving services. Personalise it with names, dates, logos, or heartfelt messages, creating unique, lasting mementos. Crafted from high-quality materials, our salvers are known for exquisite finishes and attention to detail, doubling as stunning display pieces. Ideal for any special our salvers shine at corporate ceremonies, sporting competitions, and personal celebrations. At North East Trophies discover Silver Salvers and Salver Trophies that cater to your unique preferences and requirements.

Our team of engravers are on hand at our Gateshead warehouse to provide our customers with the highest quality text engraving. A perfect gift idea.

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    Our Engraved Salver FAQs

    A salver is a flat tray or serving platter typically made of silver, silver-plated metal, or other decorative materials. Salvers are used for serving or presenting items such as drinks, appetizers, or small desserts. They are often ornately designed and may have decorative edges or engraved patterns, making them suitable for formal occasions, like weddings, banquets, or upscale events.

    Salvers are also commonly used as trophies and awards for prestigious events like the famous 'Venus Rosewater Dish' presented at Wimbledon.

    Salver trophies are awards used in sports, academics, corporate recognition, arts, and community service. They're given for excellence, achievements, or contributions. These prestigious trophies recognize winners in sports, top students, outstanding employees, and cultural contributors.

    They're also used in charitable events, industry awards, retirement honours, and special occasions. Salver trophies convey prestige and bear inscriptions honoring recipients' accomplishments. At North East Trophies we can add your own logo and wording to create a truly memorable gift to commemorate any occasion.

    Salvers can be made from various materials, depending on their purpose and desired aesthetic. Common materials for making salvers.

    Traditional silver salvers are often made of solid silver or silver-plated metal. These silver salvers are prized for their elegant and timeless appearance, making them suitable for formal occasions.

    Pewter salvers are less expensive than silver but still offer a classic look. Pewter is a durable and attractive material, often
    used for less formal settings.

    Brass salvers are another option, known for their durability and bright, golden appearance. They can be polished to maintain
    their shine.

    Wooden salvers are a popular choice for a warm and rustic look. They are often used for awards in casual or outdoor settings.

    Some modern salvers feature glass tops or inlays, adding a contemporary and stylish element to the design.

    Nickel plated Salvers are made from Nickel plated based metal. The nickel plate gives a high shine and is used for its anti
    tarnish and scratch properties.

    Yes absolutely. At North East Trophies we have a huge range of engraved silver salvers in a variety of different materials. Each salver can be engraved with your text and logo to create a memorable award.

    A select few of our salvers do come with a presentation box. You will see this information in the product description. If not then you can purchase the gift box separately.

    Non of our salvers come with a stand however these are available to purchase seperatly.